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Why CFG?

  • Enjoy support for growth, training and education.
  • Work in a collaborative, family-like environment driven by trust, autonomy and no micromanagement.
  • Be respected for who you are and the knowledge you bring to the table.
  • Get tuition assistance and on-the-job training to boost your skills and advance your career.
  • Connect with colleagues who share your passion for meaningful clinical work.
  • Find the career area you love with roles for RNs, LPNs, CNAs and Medical and Psychiatric NPs across our network.

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A variety of choices where RNs can thrive:


Correctional Nursing

Correctional care is the best kept secret in nursing. Consistent access to healthcare prior to incarceration is not always available to the inmate population. This is a great opportunity to serve the underserved and see a wide variety of health concerns, from minor ailments to major atypical conditions. You'll work in county jails in New Jersey and New York, providing care to inmate patients to enhance their quality of life. Get credentialed easily, treat a wide variety of medical conditions and make a positive difference in a safe, secure environment.

 	Cheryl is a corrections nurse at CFG and enjoys serving the underserved.
“Incarcerated people deserve care and respect—to officers, they're inmates; to us, they're patients.”
Cheryl, RN & HSA

Residential Nursing

Experience a collaborative environment where support is unconditional.

Provide nursing care related to the psychological, psychosocial and emotional needs of children or adolescents in our residential programs. Become a mentor to these youth and an integral part of their healthcare team. Children in our residential programs live, play and learn in the facility. You'll work with the same kids every day and form strong bonds with them, their families and their teachers during their most difficult times.


Inpatient Nursing

Support our patients' health and well-being across the continuum of care.

Deliver compassionate care to patients in respected hospital systems, community-based programs, schools and more in collaboration and consultation with medical and behavioral/mental healthcare providers. You'll provide acute medical care to patients of all ages across a range of mental health specialties.

 	Alexander is an inpatient nurse who loves the growth opportunities at CFG.
“CFG's Psychiatric Post Graduate APN Program fostered the development of meaningful professional relationships and a network of connections that are a constant resource for me. CFG provided me with the tools I needed to succeed and reach my full potential.”