A behavioral health professional in an office.

Why CFG?

  • Connect with colleagues in a family-like atmosphere and share your passion for helping others.
  • Enjoy support for training and growth across our network.
  • Get tuition assistance and on-the-job education (including supervision hours) to enhance your skills and further your career.
  • Work in a collaborative, supportive environment driven by autonomy, trust and no micromanagement.
  • Share your ideas with compassionate leadership who have clinical backgrounds and know what it's like to do the work.
  • Make a difference in your patients' lives and feel good about what you do.

Key Roles


Work with a strong team of clinicians there to support you when you need it. You'll enjoy an environment of autonomy with lower caseloads and no micromanagement. CFG provides clinicians with individual budgets to develop programs and attend certification courses for career growth. In many cases, flexible schedules and telehealth opportunities are available.

 	Amit, a behavioral health clinician, appreciates the support CFG provides.
“Working at CFG allows me to pursue my personal practice goals while providing opportunities for professional growth. The best part for me is the sense of belonging and constant support I get from staff on a daily basis.”
Amit, MD
 	Ruby has spent over ten years as a clinician at CFG.
“I've stayed with CFG for over 10 years because I enjoy the flexibility and job satisfaction. My time is never micromanaged and the work I do is appreciated. Senior management is always available when I need them, and I value the comradeship and support of my colleagues”
Ruby, MD
 	Venkata appreciates CFG commitment to work-life balance.
“CFG has an awesome staff to support physicians, which allows me to enjoy work-life balance. They place a high emphasis on physician needs: caseloads are reasonable, staff is accommodating and extra coverage is provided when needed.”
Venkata, MD
 	Yacouba has experienced growth as a recreation therapist at CFG.
“Every day at CFG is a new challenge with fresh learning opportunities to grow professionally and personally. I work with a bunch of diverse, amazing and talented people who are passionate about what they do.”
Yacouba, Recreation Therapist
 	John finds the work in behavioral care rewarding.
“Working with the individuals in CFG's residential program is very rewarding and personal for me. I have many opportunities to provide a positive environment for the youth in our program and serve as a mentor for CFG's Behavioral Care Specialists.”
John, BCS Supervisor

Behavioral Care/Recreational Specialists

Foster a safe, supportive, trustworthy environment to help the children and adolescents in our programs overcome their trauma. You'll become a mentor and form strong bonds with the kids and their families during their most difficult times.

Support Roles

Use your skills and expertise to support CFG's mission of improving the quality of life for our patients through comprehensive and innovative medical and mental health services. You'll set the right tone for a positive experience with CFG.

 	Claire appreciates CFG innovative spirit.
“CFG is an innovative company always looking to grow and better serve our patient population. Working with many talented people to make this happen is truly a wonderful experience. ”
Claire, Onboarding Specialist