Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Responsible for the planning and delivery of social rehabilitative programs as a required element of the treatment program. Participates with the treatment team in the development and delivery of a comprehensive plan of care and treatment. Participates and coordinates discharge and release planning.


  • Provide clinical services to include assessment, screening, brief therapy and community referra
  • Conduct initial biopsychosocial assessments and summarize case information for use in treatment and release plans
  • A ssist in the development and implementation of treatment plans for assigned inmates as consistent with current policies and procedures
  • Counsels inmates by interviewing them to ascertain their needs and/or qualifications
  • Selects constructive activities suited to the individual's physical capacity, intelligence level and interest to upgrade the individual to maximum independence
  • Counsels on a personal level and advises the individual inmates to assist them in preparing for their release, diagnosing and resolving their personal problems
  • Teaches individual skills and techniques required for participation in life activities and evaluates the individual's progress
  • A i ds inmates in developing a better sense of duty and responsibility toward society
  • Reviews the inmates' educational background and discusses their plans for continuing education
  • A ppropriately provides documentation in the Medical Records any changes in the inmates' functioning, the occurrence of critical incidents, group counseling & individual counseling
  • Consults with probation, police department, prosecutor's office and other agencies to coordinate rehabilitation efforts
  • A bides by security regulations and confidentiality requirements of the facility
  • Participates in on-going assessments and discharge planning
  • Participates in and contributes to the planning of training activities
  • Maintains regular contact with the supervisor
  • A ssumes personal responsibility for ongoing professional growth and development
  • D ocuments all services provided in the Medical Record
  • A ssists with bi-weekly tele-psychiatry as requested by the supervisor
  • Performs other duties as requested by the Mental Health Director in a manner consistent with one's profession, the goals and objectives of the program and with polices of CFG Health Systems and the Department of Corrections
  • D evelop, monitor, and modify treatment plans as necessary
  • D ocument and evaluate treatment progress
  • Coordinate patient placement with community services
  • Conduct individual and group therapy sessions utilizing multiple treatment modalities
  • Completes all necessary documentation and paperwork on a daily basis
  • Providing counseling to clients as both the individual and group level around emotional and mental health issue
  • A s part of the role you will be expected to build and maintain strong rapport with clients both in groups and on an individual basi
  • A ble to provide accurate clinical assessments of their clients, which can include mental and emotional health and stability, as well as generalized physical assessments when dealing with clients in the grip of substance
  • K eep detailed and concise records of each client throughout their treatment, whether at the client's behest or as part of a treatment program which may be court ordere
  • A ble to perform professional consultations with medical professionals, therapists, physicians and even officers of the courts where appropriat
  • Complies with the employment standards of CFG Health Systems and the applicable standards of the facility
  • Complies with the time and attendance policies of CFG Health Systems and the Department of Correctio This includes the use of the Swipe System and timely submission of time sheets
  • A dheres to his/her work schedule as coordinated by Health Services Administrator and as agreed by the

A l l other duties as assigned

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CFG is a comprehensive healthcare provider that is dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals and families by providing innovative medical and mental health services. Our Health Network includes Center for Family Guidance, CFG Health Systems and CFG Residentials.

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Behavior/Mental Health