Center for Family Guidance, PC is seeking a part-time psychologist in Camden, NJ twenty-four (24) hours per week. This position is responsible for ensuring that the psychological needs of the youth are met.


  • Establish supportive, motivational and therapeutic relationships with youth, ensuring an atmosphere of safety, security and responsible residential care.

  • Responsible for daily supervision of youth when in their care.

Daily Living:
  • Supervise, observe and participate with the youth in the carrying out of daily routines (i.e. meals, school, chores, etc.).
  • Serve as a role model and coach for youth regarding developing and using effective problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, independent living skills and responsibilities.
  • Know current level of functioning of youth and appropriate needed interventions.
  • Observe and document the youth's behavior, physical and emotional symptoms and performs behavioral management interventions as needed.
  • Responsible for reading and being familiar with all youth's treatment plans.
  • Carry out daily living and/or behavior plans for youth, developed by a multi-disciplinary team of staff.
  • Assist youth with skill building activities.

  • Accountable for maintaining structure and following the daily schedule.
  • Develop, plan, supervise and participate in daily recreational and social activities, including outdoor programs and physical exercise.
  • Consistently implement all program policies and procedures including the behavioral motivational system.
  • Promote and generate enthusiasm for programming.
  • Consult and communicate with supervisors, directors and social workers concerning behavior issues and the needs of the youth and the program.
  • Perform light housekeeping duties to ensure a neat, clean and orderly environment.
  • Transport and/or accompany individual or groups of youth to appointments or on field trips outside of the program.
  • Conduct group meetings with youth to discuss program rules and procedures, address concerns and provide instructional information on appropriate behavior management and the use of daily living skills.
  • Administer medication when necessary.

Psychologist Responsibilities:
  • Provide direct service to youth in the form of individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, psychological assessment, and family therapy, when indicated.
  • Provide relevant documentation of clinical issues.
  • Provide ongoing staff training as necessary.
  • Perform advanced psychological and specialized testing and assessments.
  • Administer, score, interpret, and write reports of psychological assessment findings as needed.
  • Provide ongoing consultation to other staff Psychologists, Social Workers, other counseling staff, and Behavioral Care Staff regarding clinical interventions.
  • Consult with psychiatrist and nursing staff when appropriate.

  • Familiar with all co-worker's job functions so that appropriate internal referrals can be initiated as needed (i.e. nurse, social worker, and principal).
  • Assigned to mandatory extra shifts when needed.
  • Takes on special tasks to contribute to the overall functioning of the program (i.e., ordering supplies, shopping, fire drills, pharmacy runs, errands, etc.).
  • Aid in the training of new workers on the job.
  • Drive program vehicles as requested.

Training Requirements Specific to this Position:
  • Handle with Care Bi-Annually
  • All Training Academy Classes and ongoing training as developed

Other Duties:
  • As assigned


Education and Experience: - Licensed and credentialed to practice in the state where the program is located. - Experience working with youth and adolescents who have a history of sexual offenses, physically assaultive behavior, severe, complex behavioral and mental health needs or fire setting. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: - Possess and maintain a valid driver�s license. - Ability to pass a Criminal Record History Clearance and a Child Abuse History Clearance. - Ability to physically participate in the use of therapeutic holds and to be certified biannually to demonstrate competence. - Ability to participate in trauma informed care and intervene appropriately to de-escalate and prevent crisis situations when necessary. - Excellent interpersonal skills with people from differing backgrounds and cultures. - Ability to be flexible in meeting scheduling needs. Ability to work on agency holidays, as required. - Basic computer skills. � Essential Expectations: - Has knowledge and understanding of CFG�s mission and values. - Follow and abide by all established program and agency protocols, policies and procedures. - Ability to maintain confidentiality and appropriate boundaries with staff and youth. - Attend and participate in all staff meetings, team meetings and processes for communication concerning youth and the program. - Attend and participate in all required trainings, both upon hire and annually. - Achieve and maintain First Aid and CPR certification. - Maintain a collaborative relationship with the team and other internal and external stakeholders. Provide help to other team members as needed. - Participate in creating an overall positive community atmosphere with other staff and youth. - Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively orally, in writing and on both an interpersonal and group level. - Provide the team with thorough, timely, legible, accurate, objective information through documentation. - Contribute to ensuring the facility is safe, clean and secure for all youth and staff. - Participate in quality improvement activities. - Demonstrate a willingness and ability to accept direction and supervision. - Dress professionally and appropriately as outlined in the Dress Code Policy. - Notify the State Central Registry (1-877-NJ ABUSE) whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that a youth has been or is being abused or neglected by staff members, youth, or any other person as required by the New Jersey Child Abuse and Neglect Law. - Demonstrate a commitment to CFG�s initiative to eliminate restraint and seclusion. - Possess the personal characteristics and experience to collaborate with and provide appropriate care to youth, gain their respect, guide their development, and participate in their overall treatment program. - Ability to provide services in a culturally and linguistically competent manner. - Possess the temperament to work with and care for children, youth, adults or families with special needs, as appropriate. - Support constructive youth and family visitation and youth involvement in community activities. - Achieve and maintain training in the Nurtured Heart Approach, a dynamic relationship-focused methodology that builds Inner Wealth��in children, empowering them to channel their intensity in productive ways, ensuring their successful future.� Staff will utilize this Approach and its 3 Stands and Recognitions on a continual basis with youth, families and their co-workers.�CFG Health Network is an EEO employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, veteran status, or any other basis covered by appropriate law.

Job Category

Behavior/Mental Health